How much will our bread cost?

Wheat harvesting is almost finished for this year and due to the climate conditions, the expected harvest in Bulgaria will be 1.5 million tonnes less than the previous year. A logical question that we can ask..

published on 7/29/20 9:15 AM

Bulgaria's Registry Agency launches new unified electronic portal

The Property and Commercial Register and the Register of Non-Profit Legal Entities are now available on a common online portal, Bulgaria's Registry Agency has announced. When trying to enter the old pages..

published on 7/28/20 5:06 PM

The Netherlands is the largest gross foreign investor in Bulgaria

Companies from offshore zones have invested in Bulgaria over 4.3 billion euros for the period from 1990 until the end of March 2020. This is 9.4% of the volume of foreign investment in the country. EUR 45.981 billion is the total amount of foreign..

published on 7/27/20 4:45 PM

Economic map of Bulgaria helps Bulgarian and foreign investors make their choice

The most important question all countries of Europe, and the world, are now facing is: what are the most effective ways for economic recovery? The pandemic and the subsequent restrictions have had a dire effect on growth spreading to practically..

published on 7/27/20 10:23 AM

Exports of Bulgarian wine remain steady despite Covid-19 pandemic

Exports of Bulgarian wine in the first half of 2020 remained unchanged as compared to previous years despite the coronavirus pandemic. However, a decrease was registered in the exports of wine to traditional markets such as China. On the other hand,..

published on 7/24/20 7:14 PM

Efficient national plan – the new condition for receiving European funding

The latest events in Bulgaria echo strongly in Europe. It is very worrying that there is so much talk about corruption and misuse of European funding. This casts a shadow over Bulgaria’s position in the EU and is likely to affect the way funds..

published on 7/22/20 1:43 PM

Bulgaria in ERM II – what's next?

At the backdrop of protests against and in support of the government, somehow the important topic of Bulgaria's accession to the ERM II mechanism and the banking union as a step towards its future entry into the eurozone remained in the..

published on 7/13/20 2:43 PM

Protein sweets – a revelation to the palate in three traditional flavours

There are two symbols which people anywhere in the world will recognize as Bulgarian – rose oil and yoghurt. Their curative properties are legendary - Nobel Prize winner in physiology or medicine Ilya Mechnikov even said that one of the reasons..

published on 6/30/20 12:04 PM

Food industry and healthcare – promising sectors for innovation in Bulgaria

Start-up capital is one of the first challenges every entrepreneur who decides to fulfill his idea of a new product or business faces. In order to receive assistance from the increasingly popular start up accelerator programmes,..

published on 6/26/20 1:03 PM

Central bank takes measures against rise of non-performing loans

The Bulgarian National Bank forecasts an increase in non-performing loans and has kept buffer for the vaults at 0.5 percent of their capital in the third quarter. The central bank recalls that at the beginning of the crisis with Covid-19, it..

published on 6/23/20 6:46 PM