Bulgaria’s cabinet approves purchase of 1 million face-protection masks from China

Bulgaria’s cabinet has approved a contract with the China National Pharmaceutical Group for delivery of personal protective equipment- face protection masks type KN95 . According to the contract, the Bulgarian Ministry of Health will buy 1 million..

published on 3/30/20 4:54 PM
Ambassador of the United States to Bulgaria Herro Mustafa

Ambassador Mustafa calls for solidarity against COVID-19

I am comforted to see the United States and Bulgaria standing together to address the coronavirus challenge , the Ambassador of the United Stated to Bulgaria Herro Mustafa said . At the end of an online meeting with her fellow American citizens in..

published on 3/30/20 4:42 PM

Bulgaria extends ban on international flights and railway servises

The ban on incoming flights from China, South Korea, Iran, Italy and Spain to Bulgaria is extended until April12, the Bulgarian Ministry of Transport and Information Technologies announced . Bulgaria will launch flights to Spain and Italy to take..

published on 3/30/20 4:22 PM
Minister Goranov

Salaries paid by budget will not be cut, as well as planned pension rise

There have been no discussions over cutting the pension rise planned for July 1, Finance Minister Vladislav Goranov has said. The rise will be 6.7%, as decided by Parliament in December. Currently, there are no planned reductions of salaries paid from..

published on 3/30/20 3:56 PM

Bulgarian government giving money to business to retain employees

Starting March 31, employers can apply for state compensation to be used for retaining staff, Minister of Social Affairs Denitsa Sacheva has announced. Approval will be awaited for 7 days, after which assistance will be received within 5 more days,..

published on 3/30/20 3:41 PM

Prosecution calls for check on fuel prices

The Supreme Administrative Prosecutor's Office has called on the Commission for Protection of Competition - CPC over the big difference in the price of oil on the international markets and fuel prices in Bulgaria. The CPC is to decide whether..

published on 3/30/20 2:42 PM
The Holy Synod building

Easter worship services of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church to take place in front of churches

All Eastern Orthodox Easter worship services will be taking place in front of the churches, Deputy Prime Minister Tomislav Donchev announced after a meeting with the Holy Synod of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church. The major worship services will be..

published on 3/30/20 1:52 PM

Business climate in Bulgaria drops by 3.7 points in March

In March, the total business climate indicator in Bulgaria has gone down by 3.7 points compared to February which is due to the deteriorated business climate in industry, retail trade and the services sector, the National Statistical Institute has..

published on 3/30/20 1:33 PM

PM Borissov: Freight traffic problem from Bulgaria to Turkey resolved definitively

Prime Minister Boyko Borissov and the vali of Edirne Ekrem Canalp inspected, together, Kapitan Andreevo border checkpoint between the two countries, after the freight traffic passing across it was normalized and the kilometres-long lines of trucks in..

published on 3/30/20 12:42 PM

Community care for the elderly and people with disabilities extended

The Ministry of Labour and Social Policy is allocating an additional EUR 23 million /45 million Leva/ under the Human Resources Development Operational Programme to support the elderly who live alone and people with disabilities. From the..

published on 3/30/20 11:51 AM