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Love Bench near Dryanovo – place for shared feelings

Photo: destinationdryanovo.com

Soon after the Christmas euphoria in Bulgaria is gone it is time for another winter holiday that binds people together – Valentine’s Day celebrated on February 14. Celebrating Valentine’s Day in Bulgaria is a more recent tradition as compared to the Western European countries. However, there are some romantic places in this country, which are visited by couples in love and even whole families all year round.

A pathway takes us to an ordinary bench above the Dryanovo Monastery. However, no one remembers when this bench was named Love Bench for the first time. This place is incredible, because the couples in love can enjoy a stunningly beautiful and magnificent view that cannot be compared with any other locality in this country – a vast forest, which looks like a deep green sea in the summer. You can also see the picturesque canyon of Dryanovo river, Dryanovo Monastery and the railway line in the distance.

The region attracts fans of rock climbing all year round.

In recent years the Love Bench gained huge popularity and has been visited by many Bulgarian and foreign tourists. Until 2013, however, the residents of the nearby town of Dryanovo did not consider the bench a tourist attraction.

We found the Love Bench in a wretched condition, Deputy Mayor of Dryanovo Municipality Nikolay Karagyozov recalls.

In one day only, we cleaned the area, painted the bench and placed signs. We asked the people to take photos and upload them on the Internet page. We were quite surprised to learn that tourists showed huge interest in this site. We found out that many people were there and shared their photos. Two wedding proposals were even made on the Love Bench. Thus, with very little money spent, the Love Bench turned into one of the most visited sites in Dryanovo region.

We put signboards along the way and a book where people can share their thoughts and emotions. In two weeks only, the book was full of messages, including ones left by foreign tourists.

We were very surprised to find out that the place attracted so many people. German, Russian, Latvian, French and even Kenyan guests left their messages in the book. That is why we put new notebooks several more times later. We uploaded some of the messages on our web site http://destinationdryanovo.com. There, people can read nice words to the beloved person, the friends, the family and the nature. One of the wedding proposals made on the Love Bench was on Valentine’s Day – February 14. Once, Dryanovo Municipality surprised the people in love. We took a bag full of gifts to the Love Bench early in the morning. Some people sent us photos and words of gratitude, which was so sweet. Later, many web sites and media mentioned the Love Bench as one of the most romantic places in Bulgaria. However, nature remains the most striking thing here. We have slightly refined the area, so that people can come here and enjoy their time.

English version: Kostadin Atanasov

Photos: destinationdryanovo.com

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