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Which disinfectants are effective against Covid-19

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As soon as the information about the deepening coronavirus crisis spread, people began buying various detergents and gels for disinfection. The antibacterial gels we use to clean our hands when we are outdoors sold out in many shops. However, it turned out that they are not effective against viruses.

The citizens do not have enough information about the disinfectants, the owner of a Bulgarian company producing detergents for disinfection Viktor Azmanov said. In an interview for BTV he explained that each manufactured product is subject to testing which has to prove its effectiveness. Then, the product receives the necessary licensing. 

Bacteria are the easiest to eliminate. This can be done with lowest concentration of active ingredients. Then come the fungi and the tuberculosis bacteria and then- the viruses. This means that detergents that destroy bacteria and is certified as antibacterial gel do not have virusocidal effect, because they are not registered as such and no institution can guarantee its effectiveness. In other words, antibacterial gels are proven to kill bacteria and biocidal disinfectants have antiviral effect, Viktor Azmanov explains.

That is why the Bulgarian Ministry of Health has published a register of authorized biocidal products and the names of the registered companies that manufacture disinfectants.

We must make sure that we buy disinfectants or biocides, not antibacterial gels, because antibacterial products are registered as cosmetic products and are not subject to this type of testing.

When we buy disinfectant, we have to make sure that its registration is written somewhere on the packaging. Then, we can check its registration quickly on the web site of the Health Ministry, Viktor Azmanov advises.

Viktor Azmanovalarms that during the COVID-19 pandemic many companies selling different products appeared on the market. He voiced concerns that some of these companies have not been duly tested and registered.

It is important to know that disinfection is done on a clean surface. This means that we have to wash our hands with soap first and then use disinfectant. If we cannot wash our hands with soap and water we can apply disinfectants directly on our hands, but need to rub the substance into the skin for at least 15 seconds.

Edited by: Elena Karkalanova

English version: Kostadin Atanasov

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