Bulgarian athletes blocked in Kenya continue training

Three of Bulgaria's athletes in medium and long-distance running Militsa Mircheva, Yolo Nikolov and Mitko Tsenov, who were at a training camp in Kenya, have remained blocked there because of the global coronavirus crisis. The last flight from Nairobi Airport on March 25 had no free seats. Thus the three athletes from Bulgaria's Atlet Sports Club based in the town of Mezdra are forced to remain there until flights from Kenya are resumed. 

"The good thing is that conditions in Kenya are some of the best in the world in terms of medium and long-distance running," Yolo Nikolov said in an interview with the Bulgarian online sports media sportal.bg. 

The Bulgarian athletes in Kenya say that they currently run between 20 and 40 km a day, while in Bulgaria all forms of sports training are now completely suspended.

The Bulgarian Athletics Federation has made sure the athletes have everything they need.