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More than 90% of Bulgarians concerned over COVID-19 economic impact

The focus of concern for Bulgarians during the current pandemic with Covid-19 is shifting from health to the economy. The fact that the initial fear about one's health starts to go into the background is due to the measures imposed by the National Crisis..

02.04.20 14:50 |

Bulgarian regions cannot develop at the same pace artificially

In four consecutive articles, Radio Bulgaria has focused attention on advantages, as well as investment and economic issues that Bulgarian planning regions face. Moving clockwise from the Northwest, North Central, Northeast and Southeastern..

01.04.20 11:34 |

Bulgaria seeks options to pay compensations to farmers, agricultural producers

Bulgaria has requested from the European Commission and the Bulgarian MEPs to reprogram the funds for the EU Rural Development program. The idea is to allocate around EUR 50 million to different areas to compensate farmers for the costs incurred due to..

01.04.20 09:26 |

PM Borissov talks with Abu Dhabi Crown Prince over COVID-19 measures

In a telephone conversation with Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of the United Arab Emirates, Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borissov has informed him of the..

01.04.20 07:57 |

IMF head Kristalina Georgieva: 81 countries have requested assistance over COVID-19

The global economy may be in store for a more severe recession than in 2009, the   managing director of the International Monetary Fund, Bulgaria's Kristalina Georgieva, stated.  According to forecasts of the IMF,  recovery of the world economy is..

28.03.20 10:23 |

Germany shows interest to purchase protective clothing from Bulgaria

The COVID-19 pandemic is an unprecedented challenge. Overcoming it in the EU, which is highly integrated, is impossible without coordinating efforts, Prime Minister Boyko Borissov said in a telephone conversation with German Chancellor Angela Merkel ...

27.03.20 20:15 |

Which disinfectants are effective against Covid-19

As soon as the information about the deepening coronavirus crisis spread, people began buying various detergents and gels for disinfection. The antibacterial gels we use to clean our hands when we are outdoors sold out in many shops...

27.03.20 12:52 |

Bulgarian authorities to offer financial support for medium and small businesses

The Bulgarian state is increasing its participation in the Bulgarian Development Bank - BDB. The capital increase is by EUR 350 million. The funds are given to the BDB for the implementation of support measures for small and medium-sized enterprises..

25.03.20 16:02 |

Bulgarian National Bank to introduce moratorium on bank loan payments

The Bulgarian National Bank is to come up with criteria for public and private moratoriums on bank loan payments. The decision will be based on criteria developed by the EU Single Banking Authority, the BNB said. The measure aims to limit the economic..

25.03.20 15:19 |
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