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MPs at first reading: Small businesses enter free electricity market

All non-household consumers, regardless of the amount of electricity they consume, will become part of the free electricity market on October 1. This has been decided by the National Assembly at first reading. The BSP abstained and the Movement for..

03.06.20 12:38 |

La libre circulation sera rétablie dans l'UE après le 15 juin

Selon la ministre des Affaires étrangères, Ekatérina Zahariéva, la libre circulation des personnes sera rétablie dans les pays de l'UE après le 15 juin. Le processus a été amorcé avec l'ouverture des frontières des pays voisins, puis des pays ayant..

02.06.20 09:50 |

Bulgarian Industrial Capital Association does not agree with changes to Health Act

According to the Bulgarian Industrial Capital Association, the possibility offered by the amendments to the Health Act for the Minister of Health to declare an "emergency epidemic situation" was unconstitutional. Granting the authority to an..

10.05.20 17:19 |

Covid-19 en Bulgarie: Jour 58

20 nouveaux cas confirmés de Covid-19 Les cas avérés de Covid-19 se chiffrent au total à 1652, a annoncé la Cellule nationale de crise. 20 nouveaux cas ont été comptabilisés aujourd’hui dont 16 sont hospitalisés. Un enfant de 9 ans..

04.05.20 20:15 |
Radosvet Radev

Les offres d'emploi ne reprendront qu'à la fin de l'année...

L'assouplissement des mesures contre le Covid-19 n'aura pas d'effet sur l'emploi. Pendant au moins deux mois, le chômage continuera à croître, estiment les experts de l'Association des industriels bulgares. La reprise des embauches est attendue vers la fin..

04.05.20 13:28 |

Sharp deterioration of business climate registered in April

In April, the overall business climate indicator in Bulgaria has fallen by nearly 42 points from its March level and is 37 points below the long-term average over the past decade. Compared to February 1997, when the long-term minimum was marked,..

30.04.20 16:01 |

53.5% of Bulgarian enterprises marked revenue decline in March

A poll by the National Statistical Institute on the effect of the state of emergency on economy shows that in March 53.5% of Bulgarian enterprises marked a decline in sales revenues. 36.3% report no change and 9.5% report rise of revenue. In the..

24.04.20 11:31 |

EC approves guarantee scheme in support of Bulgarian enterprises

Through its representative office in Sofia, the EC has announced that it approved a government-proposed 255 million-euro guarantee scheme in support of existing or new loans to small and medium-sized enterprises affected by the Covid-19 crisis...

09.04.20 08:30 |

President Radev calls for adequate compensation for workers and business

"The pandemic requires decisive measures and society has accepted them with understanding," President Rumen Radev said in a statement regarding the situation in the country caused by Covid-19. He pointed out that extraordinary restrictions have..

03.04.20 13:10 |

Bulgarian government giving money to business to retain employees

Starting March 31, employers can apply for state compensation to be used for retaining staff, Minister of Social Affairs Denitsa Sacheva has announced. Approval will be awaited for 7 days, after which assistance will be received within 5 more days,..

30.03.20 15:41 |
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