Wild colony of lesser kestrel settles in Bulgaria after more than 50 years of absence

The lesser kestrel (Falco naumanni)has returned to Bulgaria at a difficult time, the Green Balkans Wildlife Rescue Team has reported. Strictly observing the current state of emergency in Bulgaria, environmentalists are taking care of the rare..

published on 3/29/20 10:00 AM

Social distancing during coronavirus crisis rearranges our values

A state of emergency was declared in Bulgaria on March 13 over the risk of a rapid spread of the new coronavirus. Some employers adjusted the rhythm of their business to the new conditions and allowed their staff to work from home before..

updated on 3/28/20 9:00 AM

American-born Eric Alexiev returns to his Bulgarian roots

The number of Bulgarians rediscovering the charm of their homeland and deciding to turn a new page in their lives after years of living abroad is on the rise. One of them is 25-year-old Eric Alexiev, whose return to his roots is also linked to a..

published on 3/27/20 1:31 PM

Which disinfectants are effective against Covid-19

As soon as the information about the deepening coronavirus crisis spread, people began buying various detergents and gels for disinfection. The antibacterial gels we use to clean our hands when we are outdoors sold out in many shops...

published on 3/27/20 12:52 PM

Speleologist Atanas Rusev: We must be united in order to overcome the crisis when it knocks on our door

The town of Pernik (southwest Bulgaria) has been under a water regime since November 18, 2019. According to the latest schedule, water supply has been restricted to ten hours a day. The water level of Studena dam which supplies the..

updated on 3/25/20 9:55 AM

Bulgaria to fight fears of COVID-19 with reliable information

Sixty-two percent of Bulgarians are afraid of becoming infected with COVID-19, according to a poll by Gallup International. 58% of people succumb to conspiracy theories, believing that someone intentionally caused the spread of the..

published on 3/24/20 11:59 AM

Shortage of protective masks, disinfectants nation-wide, small municipalities face serious challenges

Doctors, municipal officials and people from the social patronage service ring the alarm over the danger of contamination due to the lack of basic hygiene products. "The supply of protective equipment and disinfectants is our biggest problem,"..

published on 3/23/20 6:50 PM

Balkan Developments

Two quakes rock Zagreb on Sunday morning A powerful 5.3-magnitude earthquake shook Zagreb on Sunday morning, the biggest earthquake to have hit the country in 140 years. It was followed by a 5.1-magnituute aftershock. One person, aged 15, has..

published on 3/23/20 2:23 PM

Retail chain and mobile operator make unconditional donations to Alexandrovska Hospital

A large retail chain and a mobile operator have made donations to the Alexandrovska University Hospital in Sofia. Both donations, in the amount of over 100,000 euros each, were made without conditions. The retail chain said that "It is only..

published on 3/22/20 10:30 AM

Number of blood donors in Bulgaria has declined dramatically

All centers for transfusion hematology in Bulgaria are alarmed by the significant drop in the number of blood donors. In Sofia alone, in the period March 1 to March 15, the number of blood donors dropped by nearly 600 people - 1,138 people..

published on 3/22/20 9:45 AM