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About the craft of sewing with love

Sewing and knitting are Gyonul Ali’s greatest passion

Photo: Özel Arşiv

For many years, Gyonyul Ali has been earning her living by sewing and mending clothes in the small town of Razgrad in Northeastern Bulgaria. At a time when tailors and other artisans are on the verge of extinction, she continues to cling to the needle and the sewing machine. She has turned an entire room from her home into a tailor’s workshop. Her laptop is also an indispensable assistant - social media is useful for her relationship with clients. Over the years, the seamstress from Razgrad has participated in many charitable initiatives with her products. But she never announces where and to whom she helps. "Everything I did was from the heart and for the good of those in need. It doesn't need to be made public!” Gyonyul Ali says with a smile.

The 60-year-old woman from Razgrad discovered her passion for sewing and knitting as a child: “I was a student in the sixth or seventh grade when my grandparents gave me a sewing machine. I started with scissors and fabrics and so I became passionate about something that stayed with me my entire lifetime”.

Although she graduated in zootechnics, Gyonyul Ali took a sewing and tailoring course and soon started sewing. In the beginning she used to sew skirts and dresses for her daughter and also mend clothes for her neighbours. Over the years she gained experience and knowledge, and hence many satisfied clients. Her husband and daughter also entered the wonderful world of sewing and tailoring as her assistants. Together, they manage to fulfill in time the numerous orders that Gyonyul receives - for sewing curtains, bed linen, tablecloths for furniture, etc. However, her daughter does not follow in her footsteps, but chose to pursue a career in art. However, maybe in time there will be someone to replace her, as her 7-year-old granddaughter is showing increasing interest in the tailoring craft.

Nowadays, tailors are not in great demand,says Gyonyul. People avoid sewing clothes and prefer to buy ready-made ones. They are looking for her services mainly for minor repairs such as changing zippers, shortening or narrowing a garment. According to her, the interest in the profession on the part of young people is very small, but she is still convinced that vocational schools and specialized classes for tailors should be preserved.

Gyonyul Ali has a few years left to retire. Then she plans to dedicate her time to grandchildren. She also loves to travel. That is why she dreams of touring the beautiful corners of Bulgaria. However, Gonul will not give up sewing and knitting for anything in the world. They are like an obsession - once you dedicate yourself to such an activity, there is no way not to become addicted to it, she concludes.

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